SIMPC is set-up to facilitate businesses in solving any issues related to international trade, including:

01 - User Verification (Buyer and Seller) by 3rd party

SIMPC Verification is mainly carried out to develop a true identity, so that both buyers & sellers alike can have more trust in one another. If you are a seller, your buyer will trust you more and buy from you than your competitor. If you are a buyer, then the seller is more confident that the transaction will result in a good transaction.

Once you subscribe to it and pay USD300, we will appoint a 3rd party reputable firm to conduct an on-site verification - in any part of the world - to confirm the existence of this entity, the physical location and presence of this entity, and the credit worthiness of this entity.


You can even request for your potential buyers/sellers to get themselves verified through SIMPC before you close any deals.


SIMPC strongly encourages you to get your company verified to improve the chances of getting what you're looking for at our B2B business matching platform!

02 - Arrange for Listing on various international e-commerce sites

SIMPC can assist your business to link up with selected reputable international e-commerce sites to list your products and services.

04 - Arrange Shipping & Forwarding

SIMPC has a panel of experienced and reliable shipping and forwarding agents should you require any help in logistics.

06 - Implement SmartID9 Code (security code to counter fake products)

Is counterfeit affecting your business? Our SmartID9 Code is a 2-dimensional secure barcode which is not duplicable, highly secure (as it uses a non-open source system) and is able to help you trace your products from the source right to the end users.

03 - Customs Clearance

SIMPC is able to facilitate in customs clearance for both inbound and outbound shipments.

05 - Obtain Permits/Licenses

SIMPC is able to assist you in obtaining the relevant permits/licenses in different export countries.

07 - Resolve Complicated Cross-Border Issues (Involving Negotiations with Authorities)

SIMPC has the right connections and affiliations to facilitate the resolution of any cross-border issues.